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Responsive Site built on Drupal 9

This site is built on Drupal 9 and contains a few custom modules I've built.  The theme is a custom sub-theme built on Radix and inspired by a free responsive HTML5 design template called Theory. Take a look around and and check out my resume!

Check out some of the custom Modules I've built!

I built a custom message board. 
Message Board

I built a silly Cat module.

I built a custom link shortner.
Link Shortner

My Family.

Below is my family. Put a face to my name and those that are important to me!

My Family

Picture of Me

That's Me


Picture of My Wife, Chandra

My Wonderful Wife


Picture of My Dog, Monty

Sir Montamous Maximus


Picture of My Dog, Scrappy Doo

Little Man

Scrappy Doo

Picture of My 1st Cat, Mayla

Ms. Purrs Alot


Picture of My 2nd Cat, Squeaker

The Tiger King


Picture of My 3rd Cat, Sammy

Sammy Sammy Sosa


Picture of My 4th Cat, Sunny

Sun Sun